Types of Indoor Waterfalls

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Types of Indoor Waterfalls

There once was a time when the word waterfall only brought to mind images of grand crashing walls of water like Niagara Falls. Then, resorts, amusement parks, shopping malls and big business discovered the draw waterfalls hold for guests and clients. Today, waterfalls are a favorite water feature for many residential backyards and indoor waterfall fountains have moved inside the home or office.

An indoor water fountain uses the time-honored Feng Shui element of moving water to attract pleasure and profit to homes and businesses. An array of choices makes indoor waterfalls available for every taste, space and budget. Tabletop waterfalls sit almost anywhere in any room and plug conveniently into a wall outlet. Floor standing waterfalls are free-standing fountains typically placed along a wall. They are also a creative way to bring wasted space of an empty corner to life. Classy and chic modern indoor wall waterfalls are the latest decorating rage. Like a piece of fine art, they occupy no table or floor space. They are an instant focal point in any room. And, custom indoor waterfalls offer the maximum in personalization.



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