Indoor Waterfalls for Businesses

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Indoor Waterfalls for Businesses

Moving water is one of the most auspicious Feng Shui elements for businesses. Cascading waters of an entrance or foyer indoor water fountain attract positive energy (chi) from the outside world and offer a calming transition from the clamor of city crowds and traffic. Studies show that an indoor waterfall fountain in a physician's or dentist's office relaxes patients and reduces medical-related stress. Indoor waterfalls in business waiting areas reduce complaints about waiting time. And, indoor waterfalls are a conversation piece -- they are an icebreaker when meeting new clients.

In a large foyer or entrance, a waterfall in the center of the open space offers an appealing focal point. When floor space is limited, a wall-mounted waterfall draws plenty of attention and praise. In offices, most Feng Shui practitioners recommend placing an indoor waterfall in the wealth corner. The wealth corner is the area diagonally across from the entrance door. Position a corner table with a tabletop indoor waterfall accompanied by healthy plants and statue of Cai Shen, God of Wealth or a free-standing floor waterfall flanked by healthy plants in the wealth corner to attract more prosperity.



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