Locations for a Home Indoor Waterfall

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Locations for a Home Indoor Waterfall

In a home, an indoor water fountain properly placed in almost any room draws positive energy. An entrance way to a home is the pathway where good fortune (chi) enters. An indoor waterfall in a foyer attracts chi as it enters the home and persuades it to linger. A wall-mounted waterfall in a dining area balances the elements of the area, encourages leisurely dining and provides pleasing background music during the meal. An indoor waterfall fountain in the kitchen soothes the cook and cools the heated ambiance. An indoor waterfall surrounded by plants in a sunroom brings nature inside. And, if you work from a home office, an indoor waterfall inspires creativity and improves focus by masking distracting noises from other rooms.

Note: One possible exception for a waterfall indoors is the bedroom. Although, water sounds are sleep-inducing for some people, some Feng Shui practitioners believe that the energy of cascading water counteracts sleep. Similar beliefs recommend not placing a waterfall or fountain in a room directly above the bedroom because sleeping under a water feature may prohibit a restful night.



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