Create a Lucky Water Dragon with an Indoor Waterfall

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Create a Lucky Water Dragon with an Indoor Waterfall

Portrayed in some cultures as dangerous and threatening and in others as benevolent and fortuitous, dragons have always captured the imagination. They are one of the classic symbols of positive Feng Shui. There are air dragons and water dragons, echoing the meaning of Feng Shui – wind and water. Chinese Dragons are good guys, associated with strength, vigor and courage. People born in the Year of the Dragon are believed to be energetic, brave and honest.

Pairing a dragon with moving water is a powerful combination. Outdoor waterfalls cascading over several levels are often called water dragons. Bring the water dragon inside to tap its wealth-enhancing energy. Begin by purchasing an indoor waterfall of your choice. Tuck a small gold dragon in the waterfall so that water flows over the dragon with the tail toward the source of the water flow. Add a small happy Buddha statue sitting atop smooth stones above the water. And, small healthy plants with rounded leaves and flowers tucked around the fountain for more good fortune. (Avoid plants with spiky or sharp leaves such as cacti. They are considered unlucky.)

For additional viewing pleasure, purchase a lighted indoor waterfall or tuck a tiny submersible 10-watt low voltage fountain pen light in the fountain basin. When completed, position water dragon indoor waterfalls in the north sector of the living area to enhance career success. The east, southeast or southwest sectors of family living space are also auspicious directions.



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