Above or Below Ground?

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Above or Below Ground?

Among the many decisions when choosing the best backyard water fountain is deciding whether to install a ground level ground garden pond fountain, an above-pond fountain or a ready-made garden fountain. Both of in-ground pond fountain and above ground pond fountains require do-it-yourself or hire-it-done expertise and labor.

To dig or not to dig; that is the question. Ground level fountain ponds obviously require digging and moving soil. The larger the garden pond the greater the labor. Once the digging is done, the pond must be lined. Measure, cut and line the in ground pond with flexible lining or save time and effort with a preformed rigid garden pond liner. Edging and landscaping the outside rim, determining fountain pump/filter requirements, adding lighting and filling the garden pond with water are finishing steps.

Above ground pond fountains work best in locations where digging is not possible or difficult. Sides of the above ground fountain are usually made from brick, tile, stones or pressure-treated wood. Otherwise, lining labor steps are similar.

Ready-made or preformed fountains take most of the work out of owning a fountain. Location is still a consideration in installing a ready-made fountain. However, free-standing outdoor fountains, tabletop outdoor fountains, outdoor statuary fountains and wall mounted outdoor fountains offer plenty of choices for virtually any location and manufactured water fountains come with easy to follow “how to install a fountain” instructions.



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