Pumps Keep Fountain Waters Flowing

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Pumps Keep Fountain Waters Flowing

Fountain pumps keeps water flowing through water fountains and it's hard work. Installing a commercial water fountain or a home garden fountain requires the right type and the right size fountain pump. There are two types of fountain pumps: submersible and external. External pumps are located outside of garden pool or pond, like the pump that operates a swimming pool. Submersible pumps are placed directly into the water. Some fountains contain a built-in pump; others have a separate pump that sits in the fountain basin.

When purchasing a fountain pump, it pays to go for quality above price. Saving a few dollars with an inexpensive pump, may cost more in the long run when the pump fails to work efficiently. It is also important to get the required amps/watts to pump the right number of gallons of water per hour (GPH) to the desired height above the water surface. Finding out how much power a pump needs can be complicated. You must first know the volume of the water in the pond or garden pool. Typically, a pump should move about half of the total volume per hour.

Pump filters are also a necessity. Some pumps feature pre-filters and others require a separate filter. For large garden ponds, the filter size must be sized for the fountain volume and pump power. If a separate pump and filter is required for a garden water feature or custom fountain, follow manufacturer's how to install a fountain pump instructions. Fortunately, most preformed indoor and outdoor fountains come with the correctly sized pump and filter, taking guesswork out of pump and filter requirements.



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