Using Color in Landscaping Water Features

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Using Color in Landscaping Water Features

Color captures attention and affects every part of life. Scientists have proven color affects human emotions. Colors cool; colors warm. Colors visually enlarge space; colors visually reduce space. Avoid using too many warm colors in an outdoor small space. Warm colors automatically advance, making a small space seem smaller while cool colors recede, enlarging space. Color camouflages; color contrasts. Colors have different significance in different cultures. For example, Chinese Feng Shui principles use color to balance yin and yang and attract positive energy.

Color is one of the primary considerations in pleasing interior design and for landscaping water features. Color draws attention to a water fountain focal point or color detracts from the focal point. There are four color schemes that can be used in landscaping garden water features:

  • A monochromatic landscape would primarily use flowers and garden accessories that are shades of a single color. For example, a monochromatic garden setting might be made up of simply of varying shades of green. While calming and serene, most landscape experts recommend seasonal splashes or charges of color strategically added to monochromatic landscapes to add interest.
  • Analogous landscaping schemes use colors that are related to each other like green, blue-green, green-blue, blue and violet blue.
  • Complementary color schemes combine colors that contrast sharply. Picture splashes of red blooms among lush green foliage.
  • Polychromatic landscaping color schemes are a profusion of all colors. Though “colorful,” polychromatic landscaping often creates a lack of balance and focus.

And, remember that compliments of Mother Nature, climates and colors change with each season and landscaping a water feature is never really finished.



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