Balancing Yin and Yang in Landscaping Water Features

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Balancing Yin and Yang in Landscaping Water Features

In Feng Shui, yin and yang denote the two life-giving forces of the universe. Balancing yin and yang is essential for creating a pleasing and auspicious home or office environment. Feng Shui beliefs also consider outside living spaces an extension of indoor spaces. Consequently, balancing yin and yang when landscaping a water feature is equally important.

If either yin or yang elements are excessive, an environment is out of balance. An outdoor space with excessive yang is not relaxing. Excessive yin may be boring. When looking at the basic yin and yang of outdoor spaces, day is yang and night is yin. Yang is growth, yin is stillness. Yang is dominant; yin is subtle. Water features may be yin or yang. Cascading waterfall fountains and bubbling stone fountains evoke yang energy, while a still garden pool represents yin serenity. Other ways to add yin when landscaping water features include: cool pastels, white and black colors, low-growing lacy greenery, small smooth stones, and filtered shade. And for more yang, choose warm colors, tall trees, large rocks/boulders and sunlight.

Remember that yin and yang are ever-changing. To create the most pleasing yin and yang environment, as day changes to night, look for ways to add yang energy to night's natural yin. And, as seasons change, it is necessary to re-balance an outdoor landscape. Yang influences help balance winter yin and yin elements offer a cool respite on hot, sunny summer days.



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