Landscaping Small Water Features

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Landscaping Small Water Features

Many patio homes have limited backyard space and for apartment and condominium dwellers space is limited to a balcony or patio. Even a small balcony, backyard or patio enhanced by creative use of a water fountain, plants and water fountain accessories expands living and entertaining space.

When “balcony-scaping,” a plan is essential for making the most of limited space. Choose a theme and stick to it. Transform your patio or balcony into a Zen retreat or tropical paradise. Use a water fountain, sized for the space, as a focal point and decorate around it with container garden plants, water fountain accessories, comfortable seating and creative fountain lighting. Free floor space and use vertical space with a lighted wall fountain, trellised plants and hanging baskets. Put color to work, using neutrals and cool colors to visually enlarge space. Place a large mirror on one wall to visually enlarge space and reflect a beautiful accessories, plants or lighting.



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