Advantages of Solar Fountains

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Advantages of Solar Fountains

Once upon a time the world didn't think much about energy. Few people worried about how much electricity was consumed or its effect on the environment. Today, all over the world, increased eco-awareness and eco-activism are leading to small changes and some very significant changes in the way we use our planet.

“Going Green” with a solar powered fountain and solar garden lights is a natural choice for environmentally conscious consumers. In addition to conserving energy, there are many other benefits to solar fountains and solar garden accessories:

  • Solar power is free -- it's a gift of Mother Nature. The electric meter is not running to power solar fountains.
  • Solar power is user-friendly. A solar fountain reduces installation time, labor and cost. Solar water fountains do not require hiring a professional electrician to install for complicated wiring and outdoor outlets that must meet local codes.
  • Solar fountains offer beauty and safety. There are no distracting electric cords to disguise and no dangling electric cords to endanger playing children or pets.
  • Solar fountains are very low maintenance.
  • Solar panels have no moving parts. With minimal care they last for many years.



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