Types of Solar Fountain Pumps

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Types of Solar Fountain Pumps

Powered by the sun, a fountain pump keeps the fountain water or spray flowing. Choosing the best solar fountain pump for a water feature is a key to efficient fountain operation. There are three basic types of solar fountain pumps.

  1. Direct power solar fountain pumps operate directly off a built-in or remote fountain solar panel. For instance, a birdbath solar fountain typically has the solar panel built into the top or basin of the birdbath that powers the pump in the base. A Floating Lily Solar Pond Fountain absorbs solar energy through built-in solar panel on the lily that powers the six-volt pump below the pad. No installation required. Note: A direct power water pump only works when the sun is shining on it. No energy is stored. No sun, no power.
  2. Submersible solar fountain pumps are fully submersed below the waters of a garden pond, pool or lake. They produce an above-water spray that is both decorative and aerate the water feature. Submersed solar pumps draw solar energy from a remote solar panel.
  3. Battery backup solar pumps feature a battery that recharges through the solar panel during sunny days to provide light or water flow to the solar fountain at night. Although more expensive than direct solar power, they provide delightful illumination and the sound of soothing fountain spray or cascading waters in a garden setting at night.



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