Installing an Outdoor Solar Fountain

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Installing an Outdoor Solar Fountain

Most solar water fountains come ready to use; little or no installation is required. If the solar panel is built into the fountain, installation is as simple as packing the fountain, locating it in sun-filled, stable location, assembling accessorizing parts per manufacturer's directions, filling the fountain and waiting for the sun to do the rest.

For a solar powered fountain with a separate solar panel, the panel is connected to the fountain pump. Once connected, a mounting system allows the panel to stand, staked in the ground or hung in full sunlight up to 15 feet from the fountain. Many solar fountains also come with a built-in solar lighting. Following simple how-to-connect instructions that come with the fountain, you are ready to fill the fountain and enjoy power via Mother Nature.

Many outdoor garden pond enthusiasts have also discovered the benefits of replacing or converting outdated 120-volt garden pond fountain pumps with an energy saving solar power water fountain pump. After all, the hard work is done: the planning and preparation, the digging, lining, edging, plumbing, filling and fencing. Landscaping is complete and plants are flourishing. Therefore, it makes sense to save energy with a solar replacement pump.



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