Cast Stone and Fiberglass Fountains Look like the Real Thing

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Cast Stone and Fiberglass Fountains Look like the Real Thing

Sometimes called faux stone fountains or fake stone fountains, cast stone fountains, GFRC and fiberglass fountains offer an appealing, affordable and practical alternative to natural stone in outdoor and indoor fountains. Compare the difference of stone fountains made from cast stone and look-alike fiberglass:

  • Cast stone fountains are a highly refined manufactured type of building stone. A composite of finely or coarse ground real stone like granite, marble, quartz, limestone is mixed with cement, natural sand and mineral oxide pigments and poured into molds. Once set, few people can discern the difference between high quality cast stone fountains and natural stone fountains. Note: Although typically not as heavy as natural stone, weight remains a consideration with most cast stone fountains. And, like natural stone, cast stone fountains should be winterized during freezing temperatures to prevent cracking and damage.
  • Glass fiber reinforced concrete (GFRC) fountains offer the beauty of a stone fountain in a myriad of colors with substantially less weight. Serenity Health's Trevi Fountains are leading examples of GFRC fountains. A stunning Trevi orb with a bowl, and pedestal, the GFRC Marinus Fountain stands 48” high weighs about 248 lbs; compared to a similar sized cast stone or natural stone fountains weighing over 500 lbs.
  • Lightweight fiberglass fountains look surprisingly like authentic rock. For example, a soothing cascade of water flows from a simulated rock waterfall into an illuminated simulated rock pool in the durable fiberglass Tao Waterfall. Standing 40” high, this stone-style water weighs only 47 lbs and is suitable for indoor and outdoor use.



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