Creating Your Own Stone Fountain

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Creating Your Own Stone Fountain

In spite of a bounty of beautiful ready-made stone fountains, cast stone fountains and fiberglass stone-like fountains, individualists often want a stone fountain that is uniquely their own. Do-it-yourself craft enthusiasts also enjoy creating their own unique stone garden outdoor fountain setting featuring stone.

There are many important considerations when building your own stone fountain or creating a garden stone fountain setting.

  • Where will the stone water feature be located? Stone fountains need a solid foundation.
  • Will you use faux stone or natural stone? Natural stones are very heavy, how will you transport and install them?
  • If a nearby power source is not available and you have no electrical know-how, a licensed electrician is a must. Mistakes can be costly and dangerous. Installation of electric cables from a central power source must be done safely within local electrical codes and restrictions. For elaborate projects, some codes require a permit, work done only by a certified electrician and a follow-up inspection.
  • Before tackling a major stone fountain installation project, it pays to do your homework. Research the pros and cons of stone fountain construction. Purchase a how-to guide for building garden fountains and ponds.
  • A custom stone fountain is often the most practical approach to individuality. Customizing a stone fountain allows you to work closely with an online fountain specialist retailer, their product engineers and manufacturers to select and combine your choice of colors, material and personal touches like corporate logos, monograms and unique personal accessories. Because customizing a fountain is a multi-step process involving planning, proposals and construction, allow extra time for delivery and expect to pay more for a custom water fountain.



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