Best Places for Tabletop Water Fountains

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Best Places for Tabletop Water Fountains

According to popular Feng Shui beliefs, the moving waters of a tabletop fountain positioned properly also attract good fortune to the home or office. Why stop with only one? A tabletop fountain complements virtually any room or outdoor space.

An indoor tabletop fountain requires only a sturdy tabletop or pedestal base and an electrical outlet. Inside the home, an indoor tabletop water fountain placed on a foyer table in an entrance way, a tabletop fountain invites positive energy of chi into the home and welcomes guests. In the dining room, a tabletop fountain on a credenza or decorative corner column pedestal enhances dining ambiance. A tabletop waterfall tucked into a dark corner of a kitchen counter soothes the cook and complements Feng Shui metal and fire elements. In the living room, a tabletop fountain creates a natural focus point. And on a patio, deck, balcony or garden setting, an outdoor tabletop water fountain works with Mother Nature to increase outdoor living enjoyment.

In an office, a tabletop water fountain adds style, welcomes and relaxes clients and visitors to an entrance or reception waiting area. A desktop fountain in an office also improves focus by masking distracting noises from busy streets and other offices.



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