Types of Leading Tabletop Water Fountains

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Types of Leading Tabletop Water Fountains

A myriad of tabletop styles, sizes, colors and materials make it easy to complement the décor, enhance a decorating theme and reflect personal taste. Tabletop water fountains are created from concrete, fiberglass, resin, natural stone, cast stone, copper, pottery, wood, stainless steel and glass. There are formal, rustic and whimsical tabletop water fountains.

Some tabletop fountains are traditional; others are decidedly contemporary. Tabletop fountains reflect cultures from around the world echoing Old World or New World ambience. And, custom tabletop fountains offer ultimate personalization for home and office.

Need inspiration? Here's a sample of three unique tabletop water fountain styles:

  • Serenity Health's Nayer Kazemi Fire and Water Tabletop Fountain uses water, fire, earth, metal and wood to create a stunning centerpiece for any room. Water flows out of the copper spout supported by wood into the pool of slate and stones in the stunning copper bowl. Small oil candle fire wicks and a miniature ceramic vase round out the Five Elements of Feng Shui.
  • The hand-crafted Rock Pond Desktop Fountain fills an attractive ceramic bowl with a collection of smooth Aqua Cove stones, Arizona Cloud flagstone and Starlight flagstones available in a choice of eight color patterns. Water flows over the rocks and stones with a babbling brook sound.
  • The Encore Water Bell Fountain features the pleasing effect of bubbling water and musical bell chimes. Water bubbles from the center of a stunning black ceramic bowl causing two floating brass bell chimes to swirl among six fixed brass bell bells ringing softly as they mingle.



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