Trouble-Free Tabletop Fountain Operation

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Trouble-Free Tabletop Fountain Operation

When tabletop water fountains are installed correctly and maintained according to the manufacturer's guideline, there are rarely problems. However, if problems do occur, they typically include: inadequate water flow, splashing or pump noise. Use these tips from a do-it-yourself expert to prevent or correct problems and enjoy trouble-free fountain operation:

  • Inadequate water flow: Check pump and tubing connections. A tight connection is required for proper water flow. The fountain pump must also be sized correctly for the volume of the water in the fountain. An undersized pump simply cannot move the water efficiently. And, if the tabletop fountain bubbles from the top of an urn or vase, adjust the position of the tubing closer to the top of the container.
  • Splashing: To avoid or minimize water splashing outside the fountain, make sure it is placed on a sturdy surface and that the fountain basin is level. Adjust water level. Add additional rocks to the basin or side of the fountain. When placing a tabletop fountain on delicate surfaces that are easily damaged by water spots or condensation, use a water-proof foundation, mirror or mat.
  • Pump noise: The sound of a good quality fountain pump, correctly sized for fountain capacity, is typically masked by the pleasing sound of the bubbling or cascading water in the fountain. When pump is too noisy, monitor the water level. The pump must always be totally submerged to operate efficiently and avoid damage. Check water level daily for evaporation and replenish as needed. Make sure the pump is not vibrating against the sides of the fountain. Placing a pump on a small rubber mat or Scotchbrite pad also helps absorb vibration.

If these or other problems persist, contact the fountain supplier customer service department for additional assistance.



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