Installing an Outdoor Urn Water Fountain

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Installing an Outdoor Urn Water Fountain

Installing an outdoor urn fountain in most garden and patio settings is not difficult. Primary considerations in installing an outdoor urn fountain include: location, power supply and landscaping around the base of the urn or urns.

  • Avoid placing an urn fountain directly on the soft ground. In both drought conditions and heavy rainfall, the soil may become unstable. A solid foundation of concrete or a gravel bed topped by flagstone or brick pavers prevents the urn fountain from tilting to one side and enables water to flow evenly down each side of the urn.
  • Like all outdoor fountains (with the exception of solar fountains) there must be an electrical outlet with a ground fault interrupter (GFI) nearby. If an outdoor electrical outlet exists in the right location, fill it with water, plug it in, pour a glass of wine or cup of coffee and enjoy this new enhancement to outdoor living. If there is no outdoor outlet or an existing outlet is poorly located, installation becomes more complicated. City or county electrical codes may affect how the outside power source is installed. Lack of electrical do-it-yourself experience may require hiring a licensed electrician to run necessary wiring and install the outlet.
  • Unless the urn fountain is installed on a pedestal in the center of a garden pond, landscaping around the base of the fountain connects it to the setting and enhances appeal as a garden focal point. Choose planters that complement the style of the urn fountain and do not hide decorative elements of the fountain. Attractive plants for the base of urn fountains include varieties of fern, ivy and low-growing bloomers like impatiens, chrysanthemums, geraniums and petunias.



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