Cleaning and Maintaining Urn Water Fountains

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Cleaning and Maintaining Urn Water Fountains

A little TLC (tender loving care) keeps an urn water fountain operating at peak capacity with sparkling water.

  • If possible use distilled water that is free of chemicals and minerals that cause foaming and scale build-up. If tap water is used, you must remove chlorine and other harmful chemicals. Also, adding the correct quantity of Small Fountain Protector helps prevent sludge, cloudy water and mineral deposits from forming and keeps the fountain pump free from organic buildup.
  • Keep an eye on water level. Never allow the pump to operate dry. Low water levels also cause excessive pump noise and reduce operating efficiency.
  • For periodic cleanings, empty the water from the urn. Use a Fountain AcScents Cleaning Kit with a non-abrasive scrub pad and Lime Off to wipe away algae, scale and slime. Soak the pump in mild soapy water and use a brush to get to hard to reach corners. Rinse thoroughly. Replace the pump, refill the urn fountain and resume operation.
  • Winterize urn fountains in frigid climates. When winter temperatures plummet below freezing, freezing water may crack the pump housing, cause seals to fail and crack the urn fountain. Dismantle the urn fountain and store it inside or operate it inside. If not unable to move the fountain, drain the water, stuff old towels or other absorbent material in the basin and urn and secure a water-proof cover over the fountain. Clean and store the pump indoors. Many experts recommend storing the pump in a container of distilled water (not plugged in) to prevent the seals from drying out. When the danger of freezing ends, celebrate the arrival of spring with restored fountain waters and fresh landscaping.



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