Places to Use Wall Fountains at Home

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Places to Use Wall Fountains at Home

Wall fountains add interest and bring pleasure throughout inside and outside areas of the home.

  • In Feng Shui, the front door is the entry point for all-important chi – positive energy. An attractive covered porch or courtyard is an ideal location for an outdoor wall fountain welcoming guests and chi to a home.
  • A foyer offers the first impression inside a home. It sets the tone for living spaces. Fill the foyer with appealing by adding a dramatic wall fountain. Since wall fountains do not occupy floor space, they are perfect for even small foyers and entranceways.
  • Like fine art, wall fountains add interest and an eye-catching focal point to great rooms and family rooms with the added advantage of the enjoyment and energy of cascading water. A myriad of materials and styles make it easy to enhance personal tastes and existing interior décor. In an apartment or condominium with no outdoor space to enjoy, a wall fountain brings nature indoors.
  • A wall mounted fountain in the dining room encourages leisurely dining and provides pleasing background music during the meal.
  • A wall water fountain on a backyard patio or garden area maximizes living space and adds soothing sounds of moving water to the setting. Wall mounted water features also prevent potential water safety problems with small children and pets.



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