Pros and Cons of Wall Water Fountains

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Pros and Cons of Wall Water Fountains

When choosing a fountain for a home or business, it is important to consider the pros and cons of different fountain styles, materials and designs. It is also helpful to research installation and maintenance of a variety of fountains. Indoor wall fountains and garden wall fountains are popular water features.

There are many reasons to choose a wall water fountain. With adequate support, they create appealing focal points for almost any type of wall in any room. Wall mounted fountains free floor space; especially helpful in confined spaces. Wall fountains are made from a myriad of materials complementing different decorating themes from formal to whimsical. Diverse styles allow wall fountain water flow to be customized from a gentle trickle to a stimulating cascade. And, unlike tabletop fountains an interior or exterior wall fountain hangs above the reach of toddlers and small animals.

Drawbacks of wall water fountains are minimal. Since some large wall fountains are heavy, especially when constructed of concrete or stone, they require the adequate support of studs and anchors. An electrical source must be installed behind the fountain to avoid the distraction of electrical cords running from the fountain to a ground power source.



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