Wood Fountains Attract Positive Feng Shui

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Wood Fountains Attract Positive Feng Shui

Wood is one of the Five Elements of Feng Shui. The wood element represents beginnings: early morning, spring, creation and growth. Houses built of wood are considered auspicious, especially in city settings where woodlands are scarce. When there is a lack of wood in a home or office, there is lack of permanence, an unsettling fear of change. Wood is associated with the color green, plants, paintings with a predominance of greenery, wood planters, indoor wood floor fountains, wood wall fountains, tabletop fountains with wood and wood fountain accessories add wood elements and enhance indoor and outdoor settings.

Combining the elements of wood and water bring attract more positive energy. Planting bamboo around an outdoor water fountain is considered lucky. However, bamboo is known for its rapid growth and tenacity. It can quickly take over a garden setting. If planting bamboo is not practical or desired, bamboo wood fountains are one of the most popular Zen-style water fountains and installing a bamboo fountain introduces the positive properties of wood and water to a backyard garden.



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