Types of Bamboo Wood Fountains

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Types of Bamboo Wood Fountains

There are two primary types of bamboo water fountains: stationary bamboo and shishi odoshi (deer chaser) bamboo fountains. A traditional stationary bamboo wood fountain positions one of more hollow bamboo chutes uprights or angled along the edge of the fountain basin for water flow. In a shishi odoshi bamboo fountain, the bamboo chute moves back and forth as water flows through it creating a melodic clacking sound in addition to the soothing sound of falling water. (It is called the deer chaser because it was once used to chase nibbling deer away from gardens.)

Nayer Kazemi Tabletop Bamboo Fountains are among the leading choices for quality bamboo wood fountains. Each fountain is hand-crafted with bamboo chutes delicately balanced on the rim of a wide variety of gleaming copper or elegant black ceramic bowls.

Japanese Carved Granite Water Fountains like the Kiku Basin, Natsume Basin, Tehsubachi Basin and ZenneGata Basin offer a customized approach to bamboo fountains for indoor or outdoor settings. These unique bamboo fountains feature a carved granite basin, bamboo spout and pump. Choose a decorative bowl that complements your décor and place the carved granite basin in it atop smooth river stones. Position a fountain pump in the bottom bowl and enjoy the delightful resonance of water flowing through the bamboo chute into the basin. Once filled, the granite basin overflows back into the bottom bowl and recirculates.



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