Building a Wood-Sided Garden Fountain Pond

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Building a Wood-Sided Garden Fountain Pond

Wood-sided above ground garden fountain ponds offer a custom approach to outdoor wood fountains. Although above ground, a sturdy concrete footing supported by wooden forms is required to support the weight of the water. Base the depth of the footing on local climate changes, in frigid climates, deeper footings are needed. The typical height of an above ground fountain pond is 24”-30.” Constructed with rot-resistant wood, such as redwood or pressure-treated lumber, once the frame is complete a pool liner is stapled into place and a cap of stones or trim along the top conceals the liner and offers a finished edge. Add water, a water fountain pump sized for the volume of the pond with a fountain spray head, landscaping plants and fountain accessories and enjoy your own personalized wood garden fountain.

For an easier approach, install wood-sided fountain using a preformed rigid pond liner. Put the rigid liner in place and trace the outline in the ground. Dig a hole to the depth you wish to bury the liner and line it with a few inches of sand and gravel for the base. Fill in sides with sand and enclose or edge the preformed liner with pressure-treated wood or landscaping timbers. Based on volume and voltage, order a submersible pump from a reliable online fountain retailer or add a pond side statuary fountain with a pump to the pond.



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