Shopping for a Wood Fountain

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Shopping for a Wood Fountain

When shopping for an indoor or outdoor water fountain, consider what type material fits your personal tastes, budget and enhances existing or planned interior décor or garden setting theme. If a wood fountain is your choice, rather than heading for the closest local discount store for a cedar barrel or handful of bamboo chutes, wait. A bargain is not always a bargain if it does not live up to expectations.

Inferior wood fountains that are not pressure-treated for outdoor use often do not stand up to outdoor humidity, rain, wind and temperature changes. Poor quality indoor fountains may actually be plastic with a wood-like finish. Do your homework. Shop with an online fountain specialist that offers detailed information about wood fountain materials, construction, installation, cleaning and maintenance. Compare prices and features of different models of wood fountains. Read customer reviews on pros and cons of different types of wood and fountain styles. Compare shipping costs. A high quality wood fountain is a focal point of an indoor or outdoor setting and an investment that will bring years of pleasure for your family and guests.



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