Good Locations for a Wood Water Fountain

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Good Locations for a Wood Water Fountain

Wood fountains use the beauty and warmth of wood combined with the positive Feng Shui properties of moving water to enhance almost any location inside or outside homes and businesses.

A wall mounted or tabletop wood shelf-style fountain creates a pleasing focal point and enhances a relaxing ambiance in a foyer, living room, dining room or sunroom. A wood water fountain brings nature inside in an apartment or condominium with no personal outdoor living space. In the garden, a wood water fountain tucks easily into patio or garden corner and creates a natural starting point for landscaping and outdoor relaxation. And a wood framed wall fountain delights clients in offices and waiting rooms.

When choosing the best location for a wood water fountain, consider space and style. A formal wood fountain looks out of place at the entrance of charming country home while a rustic cedar wood barrel fountain welcomes guests on a shady country front porch in perfect harmony. An ornate or whimsical wood fountain is not a good fit in a decidedly modern room where a chic, black or carved granite bamboo wood fountain blends comfortably with the understated contemporary elegance.



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