Taking Care of Wood Water Fountains

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Taking Care of Wood Water Fountains

As with any water fountain, care and maintenance helps a wood fountain work at optimal levels and extends the life of the fountain pump. Outside frames of wood fountains should be cleaned when you dust other wood furnishings. Wipe them carefully with a lint-free dusting cloth and use only cleaning product recommended by the manufacturer. When using a wood cleaner/polish, take care not to spray in into the fountain waters. Sealed bamboo fountains clean with a soft sponge or cloth and warm soapy water and should not be allowed to dry out once they have been used.

According to Feng Shui principles, positive energy (chi) is only attracted to clean, sparkling waters. Using distilled water in a wood water fountain helps keep waters sparkling and reduces potential problems with mold, algae and scale that affect pump operation and the beauty of the fountain. Keep a close eye on water level. One of the benefits of fountains is the beneficial humidity they release in the air. This humidity comes from natural evaporation and over time evaporation reduces the fountain's water level. Insufficient water reduces the efficiency of the fountain pump, makes it noisy and may damage the pump.

If foam, scale or algae makes an appearance, treat the wood fountain waters immediately fountain care products like No More Algae, No More White Scale or No More Foam. Care Free Enzymes Fountain Protector is also a natural fountain care product, safe for pets and wildlife. And, when it's time the empty and clean the inside of the fountain and pump, the Fountain Acscents Cleaning Kit comes with everything needed to keep wood fountains sparkling.



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