Caring for Your Patio Water Fountain

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How should I care for my outdoor water fountain?

Caring for Your Patio Water Fountain

Is something missing from your patio? You've got the patio furniture, soft lights, candles to keep the bugs away, good food and the company of great friends. Water fountains can complete your patio space, inviting serenity and calm in your own personal space. Homes are the safe places where we can relax at the end of a long day, entertain friends and recharge our proverbial batteries. Patio water fountains can really help solidify that sense of ultimate relaxation. However, in order to enjoy this luxury for years to come, it's important to understand how to care for backyard fountains.

Outdoor water fountains purchased online require very little care, but there are a few things you should keep in mind.

  1. Make sure you've got enough water in your fountain to keep the pump from making too much noise.
  2. Never install water fountains meant for indoors in an outdoor environment.
  3. Distilled water works best in outdoor water fountains to prevent the buildup of mineral deposits which can clog, discolor and affect the flow of water.
  4. Keep a copy of your water fountain care instructions. Every couple of months, empty all of the water out of the fountain and wipe it down. Keep in mind that the type of material the fountain is made of will make a difference on how you should clean it. For example, never use copper cleaner on a copper water fountain with a powder finish coat.
  5. Carefully read the instructions that come with your new water fountain.
  6. When purchasing outdoor water fountains online at Serenity Health, make sure to carefully read the water fountain maintenance tips located on their website.
With proper care, you can enjoy years of solitude and peace with your outdoor water fountains.



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