Finding the Right Space for Your Custom Fountains

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What's the first thing I should consider before ordering a custom water fountain?

Finding the Right Space for Your Custom Fountains

Before going through the details of ordering a custom fountain, determine the best place for installation. Quality custom garden fountains range in price depending on the style, size and material used to build it. It's probably safe to say that custom fountains are investment purchases. You're going to want your custom indoor fountain in a visible location where it will have the greatest impact on aesthetics and atmosphere.

If you're lucky enough to have a large lobby, consider centering a custom waterfall in the middle of the lobby. The fountain will add instant appeal while providing a more inviting atmosphere. A large, sprawling lobby can be intimidating and lack direction. Instead of building walls, install a custom water fountain to help divide your corporate space.

Small area? Not much room for a custom waterfall? Remember, custom fountains don't have to be huge. The idea is to create something that suits your own unique needs. Don't forget the great outdoors, either! If you don't have enough room inside, you just might have the perfect exterior location for custom outdoor fountains.

Look around, take your time and determine which configuration will work best for your corporate/business space. Need help? Visit Serenity Health online. You'll find a myriad of fountain choices and ideas to help you get started. For even more assistance, contact the company directly and discuss your custom fountain needs.



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