Enhance Your Spa with a Custom Water Fountain

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Can a custom fountain enhance the spa that I own?

Enhance Your Spa with a Custom Water Fountain

Welcoming clients into your spa involves more than just a candle-scented environment. As a spa owner or manager, it's important to cater to the clients' needs in a unique way. Why? There's a lot of competition out there and you want your clients to keep coming back for more. Get creative with your services and offer no-music treatments. That's right…no music! Instead, invite clients to absorb the soothing sounds of custom water fountains for a unique experience.

Whether you're at the lake, picnicking near a waterfall or at a beach cottage, there's no denying the allure of rushing water. Bring that same sense of peace and relaxation to your practice by purchasing your own custom fountains. A custom waterfall can be designed by color and style, and could even include plant holders, lights and your company logo. For the best water sounds, order bigger rather than smaller. In addition to providing a soothing experience for your clients, you'll also benefit from the sound-tempering qualities of a custom waterfall. Turn down the white-noise "elevator” music and let the splish-splash of your custom waterfall drown out unwanted noise. For an even greater sound-buffering effect, add plants to your custom indoor fountain. Plants (real…not fake!) add instant visual and holistic appeal to any spa setting.



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