Creative Corporate Ideas for Your Custom Waterfall

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What are some unique ideas for a custom indoor waterfall?

Creative Corporate Ideas for Your Custom Waterfall

When deciding on a style for your corporate or residential custom fountains, get creative. Go wild! Think outside the box. Custom water fountains don't have to be stand-alone features, installed against a wall or in the middle of a room. Instead, consider some of these options when designing custom indoor fountains:

  1. Surround your office doorway with a custom fountain.
  2. Tuck your custom indoor fountain into a frame that looks like a fireplace. Add soft color to your fountain and include lights to give a warm glow.
  3. Hang your custom indoor waterfall on the wall with a surrounding frame for an instant work of art.
  4. Add a curved shape to your custom waterfall for interesting appeal.
  5. Install your custom fountain beneath the check-in or reception counter.
  6. Add your company logo to the custom fountain.
  7. Use smaller-scaled custom water fountains inside washrooms. Hang them on the wall or place them behind the sinks.
These are just a few ideas to help get you started. Contact a professional for more ideas, look through décor magazines. And remember, if it can be thought of, it can probably be created.



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