Treat Yourself to an Affordable Feng Shui Tranquility Fountain

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How can I afford a feng shui fountain?

Treat Yourself to an Affordable Feng Shui Tranquility Fountain

In today's economic recession, the idea of purchasing feng shui fountains might seem like a luxury. Did you know that for under $50 you could be enjoying your own feng shui water fountain? The best feng shui fountains are ones that come in natural materials like slate. Serenity Health is an online resource where you can purchase the perfect feng shui fountains for your needs. Look for the Rock Garden Tabletop Fountain or the Feng Shui Ceramic Tabletop Fountain.

Tabletop feng shui fountains are especially appealing because they're portable and can be used at home, at school or at the office. For the price of a week's worth of coffee, you could own your very own feng shui fountain. Not only are the aesthetics pleasing, you'll melt at the sound of gently rushing water.

We spend countless dollars on pushing our bodies to their limits. We join gyms, hit the pavement, work out, strain muscles and empty our wallets all in the name of better health. Of course, physical activity is vital to good health, but so is simple relaxation. Deep breathing, meditation and reflection are all important aspects of mental health.



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