Taking Feng Shui Outdoors

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Is it possible to take the principles of feng shui outdoors?

Taking Feng Shui Outdoors

When going for a feng shui atmosphere, remember that you can always move it outdoors. Typically, Feng Shui involves indoor décor and placement of furniture, choice of color, and specific positioning of objects within the room to create balance and harmony (or “chi”). However, if you're an outdoor enthusiast, why not create a room outside? Whether it's on a patio or in your backyard, there are ways that you can create your own harmonious space without the restrictions of walls and windows.

Following the principles of Feng Shui, create an entrance to your outdoor room with identifying plants, a walkway, an archway, etc., as the main entrance point. From that perspective, you can then arrange your lawn furniture and potted plants to create balance and harmony. Feng shui fountains and zen garden fountains are a must for any outdoor living space. Look for good quality feng shui fountains designed specifically for outdoor use. A feng shui water fountain should fit into your garden scheme. If the feng shui fountain is going to be your main focal point, make sure to research feng shui principles first so that you can position your fountain correctly. Then you can arrange all of your lawn furniture and other plants in relation to the feng shui fountain.



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