Planning the Garden Fountain Space

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What should I take into consideration before ordering a garden fountain?

Planning the Garden Fountain Space

Garden fountains are much more than just a focal point for your landscaping. They provide a respite for birds, a sanctuary after a stressful day and the perfect place to snap family photos. You don't need a professionally groomed lawn or a flower bed from the cover of a magazine to own a garden fountain. All you need is a flat surface in a location where you, your family and your friends can easily enjoy it.

Why invest in a garden fountain if you're going to set it up so far out of the way that you'll never see it? Finding a front-and-center focal point for your garden fountain will ensure a few things:

  1. You'll be able to enjoy it every day.
  2. You'll remember to clean it regularly.
  3. You'll be inspired to take a few minutes to relax every day.

Before purchasing a garden fountain or garden water fountain, have a look around your property to decide the best size, style and location. If you live in an urban setting and your only garden is the corner of your patio, then work with it! Serenity Health online sells a variety of fountains and you're sure to find something perfect for whatever space you have.



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