Easy-to-Install Floor Fountains

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Is it easy to install a floor fountain?

Easy-to-Install Floor Fountains

Many people don't want to buy a floor fountain because they're worried about how to install a fountain. What they don't realize is that many of the floor fountain models sold online at Serenity Health can be set up and ready to flow in fewer than 15 minutes. Of course, size matters when it comes to installing a floor fountain. Learning how to install a commercial water fountain has a steeper learning curve than the basic home floor model. However, it's not impossible! In fact, Serenity Health makes it easy by including detailed instructions that are easy to read and easy to follow.

For the average person, however, installing a floor fountain is a breeze. Some of the smaller varieties, including the bamboo fountain, are as simple as unpacking them from the box and plugging them in. You may have a couple of pieces to put together, but it's easy to do! For a floor fountain with versatility, look for models rated indoor/outdoor. Serenity Health has a gorgeous cherub fountain that can be installed indoors or outdoors.

When purchasing a floor fountain at Serenity Health, the pump is included. There's no trick to how to install a pump into a fountain either! A good quality floor fountain is going to outlive its pump, but when the time comes to purchase a new pump, you'll have no trouble getting one through Serenity Health. Prices generally start at about $20 and increase depending on the style of pump.

So, if installation worry is the only thing holding you back from purchasing a floor fountain, relax! Once you order your floor fountain through Serenity Health, it will soon be on its way to your home. After it arrives, you'll have it up and running in no time.



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