Creating Your Own Personal Wall Fountain Oasis

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What types of accessories can I add to my outdoor living space?

Creating Your Own Personal Wall Fountain Oasis

Wall water fountains often come in indoor/outdoor models. However, if you're contemplating an outdoor wall fountain, give it as much attention to detail as you would with an indoor water fountain. Wall fountains look good in any garden, but if you're going to invest the money in a fountain, why not turn that outdoor space into your own personal oasis?

The first thing you'll want to do is choose the best wall mounted water fountain for your budget, style, and garden space. Once you've ordered your wall fountain, shop around for a variety of accessories including wind chimes, bean bag chairs, a hammock, etc. Have some natural bug repellent or citronella candles on hand so that you can enjoy the outdoors for hours. The last thing you want is for the black flies and mosquitoes to keep you away from your new wall water fountain!

Try some of these unique ideas to create a personal oasis:

  • Scatter personalized/engraved stones around your walkway or around the base of your outdoor wall fountain. Contact a representative at Serenity Health online to talk about personalizing stones in memory of a beloved pet or family member.
  • Set up a designer pet bed next to your hammock so your pooch can relax with you.
  • Gazing globes make beautiful additions to the garden.
  • Purchase a fire pit and enjoy your sanctuary day or night.
There are many ways to enjoy an outdoor wall mounted water fountain. Use one, two, or all of the above suggestions to make the most of your space.



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