Outdoor Fountain Pumps - The Heart of the Fountain

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How important is the outdoor fountain pump?

Outdoor Fountain Pumps - The Heart of the Fountain

Just like the engine of your car, the cleaner the fluid that runs through it, the better and longer it's going to run. Pour a simple cup of water and have a look at it. Chances are that it looks pretty clear. What you don't see are all the hard deposits and un-dissolved organics floating around in there. Over time, these deposits attach themselves to the inside of outdoor fountain pumps. They also tend to leave nasty residue (white scale, foam, algae) on the surface of your water fountain. Left unchecked, this sediment will eventually erode and clog the outdoor fountain pumps. Although the outdoor fountain pumps sold at Serenity Health are priced well within reason, you probably want yours to last as long as possible.

To do that, make sure you clean the water out of your indoor or outdoor fountain at least once every three months. If you notice a quick buildup of residue, you may have to do it more often. Make sure to use good quality, non-toxic, water fountain accessories like those sold at Serenity Health (No More Foam, No More White Scale, etc.) to help keep the water as clean as possible, and check your outdoor fountain pumps for leaves, dirt, and other debris that may have blown into it.

Fountain pumps are really the heart of the fountain. Keep it in good working condition and you'll have no problems with your fountain.



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