How to Care for Backyard Fountains

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How to Care for Backyard Fountains

Does the idea of purchasing outdoor wall fountains or outdoor water fountains leave you wondering just how much work you’re going to have to put into fountain maintenance and care? You might be surprised to know that most outdoor wall fountains and outdoor water fountains require very little care and are lightweight enough to move on a whim. For example, the Lions Head patio fountain sold at Serenity is made of durable fibreglass, making it easy to clean, handle, and setup. The best part is that you don’t have to go on an extensive search for the proper cleaning tools. Everything you need to care for your backyard water fountain is sold through Serenity Health.

Look for products like White Scale Control to prevent unsightly build up on your fountain. Other products like No More Foam and Algae Control will keep the water fountain water clear and clean. By keeping the water clean, you’ll maintain the gorgeous aesthetics of your water fountain while improving the longevity of your new outdoor water fountain purchase.

Outdoor water fountain maintenance is a snap when you have the right cleaning products. Just remember to keep the water pump completely submersed in water, use distilled water whenever possible, and check the pump regularly to remove debris and build-up.



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