The How's and Why's of a Clean Water Fountain

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The How's and Why's of a Clean Water Fountain

Keeping your water fountain clean and free of algae is important for the fountain’s longevity and beauty. A water fountain left to the elements, especially a copper water fountain , will turn a dull, lifeless, bluish-green. Copper, when exposed to oxygen, forms molecules that tarnish the natural finish. However, it’s important to remember that any copper water fountain purchased at Serenity is usually covered with a patina, or gloss, designed to enhance and lengthen the beauty of the fountain itself.

Using the wrong cleaning products can strip the fountain, exposing it to accelerated deterioration.
Whether you want to clean bronze fountains or you’re looking for ways of cleaning copper fountains, look to Serenity Health for the appropriate products. While it may be tempting to use products around the home for cleaning copper fountains, be wary. A mixture of salt and vinegar can be used to clean pure copper, but remember... you’re actually cleaning the patina used to coat your copper fountain, not the copper itself. For that reason, it’s best to stick to the tried and true. Serenity Health offers a wide variety of safe, non-toxic products that are specially designed for water fountains of all types.

In addition to the use of these products, it’s important to remember to check the fountain pump for any build-up of debris. Take the pump out of the water and gently wipe away any visible dirt and sediment. This is vital for cleaning outdoor fountains. In fact, you may find you’ll have to clean your outdoor water fountains more often than the indoor models.

Remember, regular water fountain cleaning with the appropriate products will keep your fountain working beautifully for years to come.



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