Choosing Your Indoor Fountain

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Choosing Your Indoor Fountain

Why take the time to learn how to build an indoor waterfall when you can find one that is well within your budget, made of high quality materials, and is easy to maintain and set up? It’s relatively easy to find information on how to build indoor waterfalls but not as easy to complete. Instead of wasting your time on a messy, time-consuming project, sit back and think about what type of indoor waterfall you’d like to have. For example:

Material — Choose from a variety of materials including slate, fiberglass, bronze, copper, stainless steel and wood.

Design — Choose simple, yet elegant floor fountains. The Copper Vines Floor Fountain available at Serenity Health online is an excellent choice, or go with something a little more dramatic, such as the gorgeous Harmony River Floor Fountain.

Size — More than just small, medium, or large, floor fountains come in a wide variety of shapes and styles. Something large may still be slim and trim enough to keep against a wall and something relatively small might be too bulky to fit into the corner you wanted. Serenity Health also offers corner floor fountains to help you make better use of your space.

Budget — When you shop online at Serenity Health, you benefit from the convenience of being able to shop by price. You have the option of buying an indoor floor fountain ranging in price from under $50 to somewhere in the $1000 range.

What you purchase really depends on your style and budget. Sure, you could make your own unique floor fountain. Then again, for a reasonable price, you can purchase a floor fountain, saving yourself time and money.



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