Pets and Indoor Floor Fountains

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Pets and Indoor Floor Fountains

Worried about your pets drinking straight from your indoor fountain's water faucet? If you’re purchasing your cleaning accessories from Serenity Health you have nothing to worry about. In fact, many of their indoor water fountaincleaning products are considered non-toxic and safe for fish, birds, plants, and wildlife.

Instead of trying to keep your pets away from your fountain in the hot summer months, encourage them to have a drink by placing your outdoor floor fountains in a spot where the pets have easy access. This will allow your pet, when roaming the yard or garden, to keep hydrated and refreshed. On the other hand, allowing your pet to drink from your indoor waterfall might not be so endearing, especially when guests are around.

To keep pets away from the indoor waterfall, consider the following tips:

  • Look for a wall fountain instead of floor fountains. Wall mounting helps to save space, beautify any room in your house, and keeps the four-legged friends of the home out of the water.
  • Keep the pet's food dish and bed in a separate room away from the indoor floor fountain.
  • Strategically place plants around the base of the indoor water fountain to discourage pets.

If all else fails, simply keep the pet out of the entertainment room when guests arrive. Remember, your pets want to enjoy the benefits of floor fountains too!



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