The Benefits of Owning Small Floor Fountains

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The Benefits of Owning Small Floor Fountains

There are many advantages to owning small floor fountains or table top fountains. Their small size makes it easier to transport from room to room, or from home to office. In today’s economy, less is more, including the price of an indoor floor fountain. Through Serenity Health online, you can buy an excellent quality indoor fountain for less than $100. Some great examples include:

Zen Tabletop Fountain: This little beauty is only 10 1/4 inches high but is perfect for setting beside your yoga mat.

Three Jug Small Ceramic Fountain: This indoor fountain is perfect for the bathroom or spa. If there’s room, the edge of the tub would make a great location for this charming indoor water fountain.

Clasped Hands Tabletop Fountain: This particular indoor waterfall is battery operated, making it that much easier to set up anywhere you want. No need to be close to an outlet!

Tealight Pillar Tabletop Fountain: This indoor water fountain makes the perfect centerpiece to a small dining room table. It’s small size (only 7 1/8 inches high) makes it very easy to transport. Purchase non-scented or scented candles depending on your tastes. This again is a battery operated indoor fountain (2 “AA” not included) making it very convenient.

Owning small floor fountains opens up a wide variety of uses from home to office. They’re light-weight, can be battery-operated, and are priced to fit today’s tight budgets.



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