Lessons in Garden Water Features

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Lessons in Garden Water Features

Garden water features are a great way of taking a regular pool fountain, pond fountain, and sometimes even a regular table or floor fountain, and turning it into something very unique. Imagine sitting outside at the cottage on a starry evening watching your pond fountain spray a rainbow of colors into the air. Imagine having a pool side party while your guests appreciate and applaud the colors surprising the crowd from the pool fountain.

Not sure where to get started or what to buy? The following garden water features are affordable and easily purchased at Serenity Health online:

Fog Fountains — To get the effect of mist or fog, you'll need to purchase the Fogger/Mister device from Serenity Health. This particular misting unit is meant only for indoor fountains. Create a unique, mysterious mist by inserting the disk into the basin of your water fountain and enjoy. Use it to entertain guests, at parties, weddings, banquets, etc.

Pool Fountains — Pool fountains can be as dramatic or as understated and elegant as you want. For a shot of color to your pool fountain consider the waterproof LED Changing Pond Light. Use the remote control that comes with it to change the colors of the water spray.

Submersible Lights — Use specially designed submersible lights to add a calming glow to your outdoor water fountain.

Pool Fountain Light Kit — Why have a pool fountain that you can only enjoy during the day? Purchase a submersible light kit and watch your pool fountain light up the night sky.

There are many different garden water features on the market. Before making the purchase, make sure to read the product description and specs to be sure that you're getting the most appropriate garden water features for your fountain.

Garden water features are simply the best way to add stunning effects to any fountain.



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