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Are the cleaning products sold at Serenity Health safe for pets?

Pet-Safe Water Fountain Accessories

The first thing to consider before purchasing an outdoor water fountain is your pet's safety. Dogs and cats are curious creatures and they may be tempted to take a drink from that newly-installed fountain. Pure water running through it won't hurt any animal, but what about the cleaning products you're using? Luckily, if you've purchased your water fountain accessories from a reputable retailer, you don't have to worry. The water fountain cleaning supplies found online at these sources are often non-toxic. Made from naturally-occurring enzymes, cleaners like No More Foam won't harm plants, birds, pets, or wildlife.

Not sure? Carefully read the product specs before buying. Any warnings will be located directly on the product bottle or container. It's a safe bet to say that if a product is non-toxic and safe for pets, plants, birds, and wildlife, it's probably also going to be safe for the environment.

Even though a product is considered “safe” and “non toxic," it's always good practice to put cleaners away after use. Keep cleaning products locked and out of children's reach. Never leave products opened or near pet feeding areas, and take care to clean up spilled products.

How can I save money on water fountain accessories?

Tips for Saving Money on Water Fountain Accessories

After you've purchased and paid for your water fountain, you soon discover that there is more to buy. Even the most inexpensive water fountains require care, cleaning, and maybe a little something to jazz up the area around the fountain itself. That's where water fountain accessories come into play. A great online store will have everything you need to keep your fountain working properly including indoor fountain pumps, safe products for pets, and a variety of water fountain cleaning supplies. Today's economic themes are downsizing and spending less. The following are ways to make the most of your water fountain and the water fountain accessories that go with it:

  1. Regularly clean your water fountain. Indoor fountain pumps typically last a little longer than outdoor fountain pumps (less clogging), but either model still needs to be cleaned.
  2. Preventing algae in fountains is easy to do with No More Algae cleaner. However, a little goes a long way. Follow the directions carefully and don't overdo it.
  3. Water fountain lighting is optional. If it's a feature you're interested in, see if the fountain you're buying comes with lighting or if the cost is extra.
  4. Although fountains require little electricity to run, you could save some money by purchasing solar powered fountains.
These are just a few ways to watch your spending while enjoying years of fountain enjoyment and beauty in your own backyard.

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