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Is it possible to take the principles of feng shui outdoors?

Taking Feng Shui Outdoors

When going for a feng shui atmosphere, remember that you can always move it outdoors. Typically, Feng Shui involves indoor décor and placement of furniture, choice of color, and specific positioning of objects within the room to create balance and harmony (or “chi”). However, if you're an outdoor enthusiast, why not create a room outside? Whether it's on a patio or in your backyard, there are ways that you can create your own harmonious space without the restrictions of walls and windows.

Following the principles of Feng Shui, create an entrance to your outdoor room with identifying plants, a walkway, an archway, etc., as the main entrance point. From that perspective, you can then arrange your lawn furniture and potted plants to create balance and harmony. Feng shui fountains and zen garden fountains are a must for any outdoor living space. Look for good quality feng shui fountains designed specifically for outdoor use. A feng shui water fountain should fit into your garden scheme. If the feng shui fountain is going to be your main focal point, make sure to research feng shui principles first so that you can position your fountain correctly. Then you can arrange all of your lawn furniture and other plants in relation to the feng shui fountain.

How can I afford a feng shui fountain?

Treat Yourself to an Affordable Feng Shui Tranquility Fountain

In today's economic recession, the idea of purchasing feng shui fountains might seem like a luxury. Did you know that for under $50 you could be enjoying your own feng shui water fountain? The best feng shui fountains are ones that come in natural materials like slate. Serenity Health is an online resource where you can purchase the perfect feng shui fountains for your needs. Look for the Rock Garden Tabletop Fountain or the Feng Shui Ceramic Tabletop Fountain.

Tabletop feng shui fountains are especially appealing because they're portable and can be used at home, at school or at the office. For the price of a week's worth of coffee, you could own your very own feng shui fountain. Not only are the aesthetics pleasing, you'll melt at the sound of gently rushing water.

We spend countless dollars on pushing our bodies to their limits. We join gyms, hit the pavement, work out, strain muscles and empty our wallets all in the name of better health. Of course, physical activity is vital to good health, but so is simple relaxation. Deep breathing, meditation and reflection are all important aspects of mental health.

Do feng shui fountains make good gifts?

The Gift of Feng Shui Fountains

Feng shui fountains make perfect gifts. There's always one family member or friend who has it all. If you've got one or two people who have traditionally been impossible to buy for, consider feng shui fountains. Really, any type of indoor or outdoor fountain makes a great gift. Relaxing indoor fountains are gender neutral and suitable for men, women and even teens. Water fountains aren't something you usually think of when looking for gifts, making it a unique idea.

At Serenity Health online, you can find any number of fantastic feng shui fountains. Look for outdoor solar-powered fountains for people who love their gardens. For book worms who prefer to snuggle inside, purchase a portable tabletop water fountain.

When purchasing feng shui fountains as gifts, keep in mind that the person you're buying it for might want to try it out in different outdoor locations.

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