The Preformed Liner

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When should you use a preformed liner for a water feature?

The Preformed Liner

A preformed liner, also known as a rigid liner, is a molded container, often made of fiberglass or plastic. They create a waterproof environment for your pool, pond, or other water feature. You can expect to pay more for a fiberglass version of the preformed liner than a plastic one. However, fiberglass versions can last much longer – up to 50 years. They come in a variety of depths. Some have shallow areas for plants and deeper zones for fish. A practical application for the preformed liner is in a paved area where you can support the edge. One important rule to keep in mind when installing a preformed liner is that you need to keep it completely level and make sure all areas are supported so that there isn't any problem of collapsing due to water weight.



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