The Fountain Pump

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What types of pumps can I use for a water feature?

The Fountain Pump

Although a still body of water has its own intrinsic beauty, nothing is quite comparable to the sounds and sights of moving water. For any moving body of water in a water feature, you'll need to install a pump. You have two main options for choosing a fountain pump. You can either get a submersible pump or an external pump. A submersible pump will be easier to use, resides directly in the water and tends to be affordable. Submersible pumps are appropriate for most water features, except the largest ones. When selecting a fountain pump, look for magnetic driven pumps rather than direct-driven pumps. Magnetic driven pumps can cost more, but will save you in the long run through energy costs. Installation often takes just a few minutes for anyone wanting to install a fountain pump himself.



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