Providing Pipes For Your Water Feature

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Which types of pipes are appropriate for a water feature?

Providing Pipes For Your Water Feature

To direct water in and out of your water feature, you'll need appropriate pipes to do the job. Pipes are the utilitarian providers of the essential ingredient in any fountain – water. There are several materials that are appropriate for transporting water to and from your water feature. Read on to find out what works.

Clear Vinyl – Clear vinyl is the least obtrusive and also the least expensive option. However, because of its thin, weak exterior, they work best for short runs.

Rigid PVC – These are lightweight and inexpensive pipes. On the plus side, they are corrosion resistant and have strong walls that will not collapse easily. If you choose these, you should stick with schedule 40 PVC fittings.

Black Vinyl – Black vinyl is tougher than its clear counterpart. It also has greater flexibility and can withstand compression well.

Corrugated Black Vinyl – These are the most flexible type of pipes used for garden pools. You can bury them without worrying about the pipe collapsing and they can bend without the problem of kinking.



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