Supplying Electricity For Your Outdoor Fountain

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How do I deal with supplying electricity to my outdoor fountain?

Supplying Electricity For Your Outdoor Fountain

When you install an outdoor fountain -- unless you have a solar version -- you'll need to supply power to the pump. We've got a few guidelines to help make sure your task of running electricity to your outdoor fountain goes smoothly.

  • Keep in mind that many outdoor fountains require high voltage electricity. Most outdoor fountains will run on a minimum of 120 volts.
  • If you plan on doing the work yourself, make sure all the circuits and electrical components meet the National Electrical Code. That way, you know all the parts meet the minimum safety standards for use.
  • Because the mix of water and electricity presents a possible safety hazard, before you turn the power on or operate your outdoor fountain, make sure you've inspected your work thoroughly and that you've cleared the area of any possible electrical hazards. If you're in doubt, have your work inspected by a professional before you start the operation of your outdoor fountain.



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