Accessorize Your Fountain With Solar Power

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What solar power accessories can I add to my fountain?

Accessorize Your Fountain With Solar Power

These days, solar-powered products are big with homeowners concerned about the environment. One easy-to-install, low maintenance piece is the solar power light. You can use a solar power light to brighten up the pathways around your fountain or light up the fountain itself. An inexpensive solar power light for a pathway might just be $30 to $40 for a four-piece set. A high-end set might run you ten times that much. Want a solar-operated pump? You can find them everywhere, from home and garden stores to online locations and catalogs. If you want to add water spray to your fountain, you can even do that with a circular floating spray which shoots water up to 17 inches. There's even a birdbath that circulates water and runs on solar power, as well.



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